Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Vote, vote, vote for Sustainability!

Who will you vote for tomorrow, to give us a sustainable Britain? I've been looking at the manifestos to find out what's on offer. Go to the Sustainable Futures Show to hear more: 

The Conservatives will seek full endangered species status for the polar bear, they will help you to insulate your home and will seek a strong global climate deal in Paris in December. Labour will do most of these things too, and they will freeze your domestic energy bills until 2017. The Lib Dems are almost greener than the Greens. They aim to fight climate change with five green laws listed on the front page of their manifesto. UKIP will abolish the Department for Energy and Climate Change, repeal the Climate Change Act, rejuvenate the coal industry and keep our coal-fired power stations burning. The Greens are very green, closing all coal power stations by 2023 and abandoning growth in favour of a circular economy. The SNP doesn’t say much, except that it wants to keep Longannet coal-fired power station going as long as possible. It’s the oldest in the UK and one of the dirtiest sites in Europe.

Labour and the Tories avoid the f-word, but UKIP has no such scruples: “Time to get fracking!” Absolutely not, say the Greens and the SNP, but Conservatives, Labour and LibDems will all use it to create various wealth funds. They’re going to keep them next to the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

Hear more at   then go out and vote early and vote often. If you’re in one of the 23 key marginals your vote might just make a difference!

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